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Pizza delivery is an important part of your pizza business.

You should be aware that most pizza businesses also add this aspect to their business, as of Pizza Vancouver. The pizza delivery service is a major part and plays an essential role in the success of the business.

How does it come? Because a high percentage of pizza remains ordered to be delivered than eaten on site.

Through this article, we’ll have to look at 5 ways to improve your delivery service.

1. Your transportation system

You should have a very good transportation system in place to ensure a great delivery service.

The choice of transport is all yours, you have heaps of options today ranging from van to bicycle including moto and cars.

Depending on your financial situation, location, general weather choose the most suitable one. For instance, it doesn’t make any sense to use a car or a van if you’re a small business located downtown. You’d be stuck in the traffic jam losing some time and ending up with unsatisfied customers. This isn’t what you want!

2. Proper knowledge about the route

Have the adapted means of transport is good for sure but if you don’t know the neighborhood, you’ll be back at the first stage meaning losing time looking for the location you]’re supposed to reach.

Make sure to have a driver who knows the surroundings like the back of his hands. The other option is to provide your driver with a GPS…
Be sure you’ll save time! And you know what? Time is money!

3. Chain of pizza business

If you’re a small-scale pizza business, this point might not concern you. But if you’re not, keep reading here.

Transferring orders from one of your locations to another can be very effective depending on where you’re supposed to deliver the ordered pizza. That’ll make delivery faster and thus it’ll result in higher customer satisfaction.

4. Anticipate what your customers like

In running a pizza delivery business, you should anticipate what the people around you crave.

Why is that so important? Just because if you can’t supply your customers with what they want, they have tons of other possibilities around to order pizza. Thus, they will simply go to your closest competitor, what you absolutely don’t want!

So make sure to serve the most typical pizza for sure and to make some others more special based on your customers’ desires. Keep in mind customers like feeling considered.

5. Available phone attendants

You should ensure that your phone is always attended by someone. This advice might seem obvious but yet very neglect resulting in you missing out on customers’ orders.

Employ phone attendants and provide them with great training. Remember that your phone attendants are your first contact with your clients and we all know how this first contact important is. Plus, a good approach might also make the customer come back again!

The pizza delivery business is very lucrative! With good delivery services, you can keep your customers and even acquire new ones.

We hope you liked the article, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below if you have anything interesting to add.

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