ways of eating pizza

Pizza has become a regular meal for people of all type and culture, and they are the different suggestion on how you can eat pizza.

While we have various kinds of pizza that have evolved with the different culture of people, there has been the question on the right way to eat pizza. Is there a good way or etiquette involved in eating pizza?

The way you eat pizza is actually up to you, as you might decide to eat it sliced into a triangle, or use fork and knife to cut your pizza. Well, the fact is that no matter how you eat pizza, it is still a delicious and tasty meal.

In this article, we will be discussing ways you can eat pizza:

1. Eating Pizza with Fork and Knife : this is regarded as the best and polite way to eat pizza, especially if you are in a classy restaurant. This way of eating pizza is also suitable when you have a lot of toppings on the pizza. This is very appropriate for a business meeting or when you are at a dinner party with dignitaries.

ways of eating pizza

eating pizza with fork and knife

2. Eating Pizza by Folding the Slice in Half: This is a common way of eating pizza, especially when at home or in a private place. This way is not as classy as eating pizza with fork and knife. It forms U shape as you take the pizza towards your mouth and you might run the risk of having crumbling falling on you when you eat pizza this way.

ways of eating pizza

Eating pizza slice in fold

3. Eating Pizza Bare as You Remove all Toppings : You might visit a restaurant or attend a party where you are not sure of what the topping is made up off. You might want to remove the toppings and eat the pizza bare as you concentrate on the dough. When you order pizza from places like Pizza Vancouver, the toppings might be made of different kinds of stuff, like meat or beef, as you might not be sure, the best thing to do in such situation is to remove the toppings as you eat the pizza bare.

ways of eating pizza

Eating pizza removing the toppings

4. Eating Slice Of Pizza : this is the most common way of eating pizza, as you pick a slice of pizza with your hands and chew off away. Eating pizza this way, you might get crumbs and toppings falling off on you. People usually this way straight out of the box as it was ordered.

Eating slice of pizza

Eating slice of pizza

5. Eating Pizza by Dipping into a Sauce : you can eat pizza by dipping it into your favourite sauce, this is how many people prefer eating their pizza as more flavour is added to it. You can use any choice of sauce of your choice in eating pizza with this method.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong way of eating pizza, as eating it the way you prefer it, you will still savour the taste of the pizza. However, there is some event or places that you will have to conform with the norms of eating in a proper manner.

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