Group of friends eating pizza around a fire camp

Pizza businesses also know some high and low periods just like any other businesses.

Pizza business is a very lucrative business and like most food businesses, demand is always present. However, there are specific periods of high and low pizza sales.

This business is by no means a seasonal business as it is in demand all year round, but some events, festivities or holidays may trigger an increase in sales.

In this article, we are going to look at some events that may cause a rise in pizza sales.

1. ThanksgivingĀ 

Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the United States of America followed by lots of fun fares, parties and get together.

During this period people get to share time with families and friends. As we all know, celebration and fun fares imply lots of food. And since Americans are one of the highest pizza consumers, you can likely expect pizza to be among the dishes served.

No need to mention how this period is favorable for pizza businesses, right?!

2. Sporting Events

Group of friends watching a sport game and eating pizza

Without any surprises, sports events are also highly positive for the pizza business.

For instance, Super Bowl has been known to record towering sales in pizza as people watching the game all over the United States and the world shut down to bottle of drinks along with pizza.

A similar situation occurs during other major sporting events, especially during the finals like the UEFA Champion League final, or the soccer world cup finals.

3. Summertime

Friends eating pizza on a rooftop during summertime

We earlier mentioned that the pizza business wasn’t seasonal, but during summertime, we can notice a much higher demand for pizza.

This can be explained by the fact that the summer vibes (sun, holidays) have some good influences on people’s moods.

Actually, people feel more inclined to organize parties, bbq, picnic or nighty appetizers with friends and family. And guess what? Most of these great times are supported by pizza!

4. Major Holidays

Christmas table with pizza and gift in the centre

Pizza business generally experiences an increase in sales during holidays, and this is one of the busiest periods.

Major holidays such as Christmas, New Year or Easter normally see rises in the order for pizza as people spend time together partying and celebrating.

Conclusion? Pizza is considered as a social factor as it’s appreciated by most of the population. Pizza gathers people and always comes in handy in every situation!

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