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Pizza has now been seen more as an America meal more than any other meal in the world. We have seen from the history of pizza that pizza originated from Italy.

Even though some may not agree with the origin of pizza, that it is from Italy, we can all agree that it did not originally originate from the United States. However, the United State has shown from statistics to consume pizza more than any other region.
In Vancouver, United States, the Pizza Vancouver has become one of the daily meals consumed in the State. The pizza Vancouver is also popular in other states In the United States and it is rapidly making its way around the world.

How Americans Consume More Pizza

We have stated that the Americans consumed more pizza than any region in the world. Pizza is consumed by all age grade in high proportion in America and it is becoming more of an America culture. It is common for Americans to order pizza for parties when they work late or working during lunch time. They also order in pizza as a meal and also as a desert in between meal.

Pizza is the most consumed meal or delicacy in America and people between the ages of 2-19 make up 20% of those that consume pizza in America.

How The Rate of Pizza consumption Affect Business

The pizza business has become a very thriving business due to the high rate of pizza consumption in the United State. The pizza business is more thriving in America because in other region people prefer homemade pizza than in America. The Americans usually prefer going out or ordering pizza than making it at home. Thus with the high rate at which pizza is consumed, this business usually grow fast as there is much demand for pizza.

Also, it is not a difficult business to begin as you do not need much capital to start as you can start from home and expand. There are so many pizza businesses running in the United States, with so many advertising on yellow pages and newspaper. In America, eating a pizza is just a phone call away.

How the Rate of Pizza Consumption Affects the Health of Americans
The high rate of pizza consumption in America has an adverse effect on the health of Americans. Americans have one of the highest rates of obesity in the world. This can relatively be attributed to the eating habit of the Americans and pizza consumption one of those eating habit that needs to be checked. Another adverse effect of pizza consumption is the impact of saturated fats, sodium it adds to the body.

While the high rate of pizza consumption is good for business, it has an adverse effect on the health of Americans. This is why there needs to be a check on the way pizza is consumed in between meals and also as a meal. It can also be deduced from the eating habit of another region, mostly the Europeans look more healthy as they consume more cook and homemade meal.

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