why pizza is popular

Pizza is one of the most popular delicacies in America, regardless of where you classify it into.

When we say where you classify it into, we mean some people might classify pizza as junk good, a regular meal or whatever. However, the classification of pizza is not the debate here.

Pizza is believed to be the most sort after delicacy in America, cutting across all ages, race and culture of people.

Pizza which is believed to have originated from Italy has become very popular in America. It becomes so popular that it has blended into the culture, business life and tradition of Americans.

In this article, we are going to highlight some reasons why pizza has become so popular especially in America.

1. The delicious taste of Pizza

You can not deny that the delicious taste of pizza is what got you hooked up to pizza in the first place. The deliciousness of pizza is the number one reason it is popular, it is irresistible and yummy, easy and fast to prepare. They are so many delicious pizza recipe and one way or the other you will find more than one type of pizza that you get hooked up to.

2. Pizza in Time Has Become Part of America Culture.

You will agree with me that pizza, regardless of its origin has become part of America culture. You will find pizza mostly associated with the American way of living. Americans also prepare or order pizza in celebrating or marking an important event and it has become part of their life. Americans also eat pizza as part of their regular meal, as they are people that eat pizza at least once a day. Thus pizza is very popular in America as it is consumed daily by more than 60% of Americans.

3. The Ease in Preparing Pizza.

It is true that anybody can make pizza, all you have to do is follow the recipe. The ease and quickness in preparing pizza have made it very popular in America. Most American households prepares pizza on a regular basis and those that do not have the time order it from a pizza restaurant. The fact that pizza can be ordered easily is also another factor that makes it more popular in America.

4. There Are Different Varieties of Pizza.

Another reason for the popularity of pizza is that it comes in various types with different recipes and ingredients. You will agree with me that if you do not like a particular type of pizza, they are a dozen other types that you can choose from. We have so many different types of pizza like the pizza Vancouver, Margherita and so on.

5. The Role of Big Companies

Big pizza companies also play a big role in the popularity of pizza in the America. We have big pizza franchise like pizza Vancouver and some other spending huge amount of money in promoting pizza through advertisement on media and online platform. You will notice huge pizza companies paying celebrities or sports personality to help promote their business.

The five reasons highlighted above are some of the reasons why pizza has become very popular in America.

Pizza Vancouver

The question has always been asked about eating pizza and remaining fit and healthy.

There is this misconception about pizza being a junk food, and this has made people avoid eating pizza. We all acknowledged that eating pizza increases calories in your body, and you will also recall of some health benefit of eating pizza, we have earlier discussed how pizza can be beneficial health wise, for your health and how they help fight cancer.

So eating pizza is not bad at all as it has some health benefits. The only health advice we can give anyone is to watch how they eat pizza.

Pizza has become part of the American culture with so many pizza restaurants and services all over the country. Pizza Vancouver is one of such restaurant and type of pizza that is consumed by many Americans in the United States and Canada.

In this article we are going to discuss on some healthy habits that people that love eating pizza should adhere to. This habit will help keep you in shape and reduce or burn calories from eating pizza.

1. Regular Exercises

We understand you love eating pizza and you don’t want any reason to stop eating that delicious mouth watering pizza. Yes, you can still eat pizza and find time to hit the gym to burn off excess calories in the body. Regular exercise is a habit you should adopt not just because you want to continue eating pizza. It will also keep you healthy as you burn off calories. You should try to hit the gym at least thrice a week.

2. Drink Water

Water is very needed for the body, not just to digest food, but also to transport ingredients around to body and hydrate the body. If you love eating pizza, then you should drink water regularly to break and dissolve the pizza and improve digestion. This will also help burn calories as it breaks down the fatty content faster through the body.

3. Watch The Content of Your Pizza.

You love eating pizza, but you’re afraid of the calories and what it will do to your body. Well, you should be happy rather than worried about what pizza will do to your body if you eat it right. They are many types of pizza that are made with nutritious ingredients that are good for the body. Pizza can be made up of ingredients such as vegetables, onion, cheese that is good for the body. Therefore, you should know the content of the pizza as you eat a healthy meal.

You should check out the pizza Vancouver if you’re looking for something nice and nutritious.

4. Watch the Time You Eat Pizza

Your preferred time for eating pizza will also affect your health. You should be conscious of the time and how you eat pizza. You should not take pizza along with dinner as this will increase the calories in your system. You should also avoid eating pizza late in the night.

Pizza should not be referred as a junk meal and the way and manner you eating pizza can be of benefit to the body. So follow the four healthy way of eating pizza discussed in this article.


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pizza business increase sales

Pizza business also has its high and low period just like any other businesses. There will be periods of increase sales and decreased sales.

Pizza business is a very lucrative business and like most food business, it always has demands. However, there are specific periods of high sales and period of decreased sales or low patronage.

Pizza business is by no means a seasonal business as it is in demand all year round, but some event, festivities or holidays may trigger an increase in sales.

In this article, we are going to look at some events that may trigger an increase in sales in pizza business:

1. Thanksgiving Period

Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the United States of America, and this holiday is followed with lots of fun fare, parties and get together. It is a period where people get to share time with families especially extended family. As we all know, with celebration and fun fare, there will also be lots of food. And since Americans are one of the highest consumers of pizza, you will likely expect pizza to be among the dishes served. In addition, since they are fun fare, parties and get together, this period is characterized with lots of pizza orders. This is a great time for pizza businesses as lots of pizzas are ordered in this period of Thanksgiving.

2. Sporting Events

Another event that triggers lofty sales in pizza for pizza businesses is a sport event. Super bowl has been known to record towering sales in pizza as people watching the game all over the United States and the world shut down to bottle of drinks along with pizza.

You might just want to hangout with friends as you watch the Superbowl final and order some pizza along with bottles or can of beer. Furthermore, high sale of pizza was recorded at the stadium of the event.

Similar situation occurs during other major sporting events, especially finals like the UEFA Champion league final, or the soccer world cup finals. Pizza business usually experiences high sales during these sporting periods.

3. Summer Period

We earlier mentioned that pizza business was not seasonal, but during the summer period, there is much higher demand for pizza. This is because during summer period, there are many parties, hanging out and family get together. During summer period, the family might just decide to go out to a pizza restaurant and get a pizza. On the other hand, they might decide to go for a picnic along with pizza. It is normal for people to go out more during summer time thus more pizzas are ordered during this period.

4. Major Holidays

Pizza business generally experiences an increase in sales during holidays, and this is one of their busiest periods. Major holidays like Christmas, New Year celebration normally sees increase in the order for pizza as people spend time together partying and celebrating. In the United States, these periods are times when families come together and merry as they celebrate the coming of a new year.

The above instances are just some situation n cases where pizza business experience increase in sales.

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why pizza is popular

Have you ever wondered what pizza you want to order out of all the numbers of available pizza available? Then you have to stick with pizza Vancouver, king of pizza takeout.

Pizza Vancouver is one of the best tasty pizza around and you can get takeout also as you make that decision of what pizza to order for takeout.

You would have understood or hear people vow not to order takeout ever again. This might be due to some horrible experience they might have had ordering pizza.

In this article, we are going to list out reasons why pizza Vancouver is the takeout king and why you should try ordering pizza Vancouver today.

1. Pizza Vancouver is Tasty

This is one reason why Pizza Vancouver is the king of pizza takeout; it has a unique taste. It is a very delicious pizza with an unique recipe already discussed earlier. It is very easy to make as you can easily prepare pizza Vancouver at home. Also you can make pizza Vancouver in different ways by adding or subtracting an ingredient, you can as well add vegetables, beef or chicken.

2. Pizza Vancouver is Delivered on Time

One reason some people had given up on ordering pizza is that they believe it is never delivered on time. They would have had a horrible experience one way or the order, but with pizza Vancouver, the pizza is delivered on time. Pizza Vancouver makes sure you pizza will be delivered on time as they have a well professional transporting and delivery system.

3. Well Trained Delivery Agents

There is no way a pizza delivery service can keep customers with rude and unruly delivery agents, pizza Vancouver makes sure that you are attended to by a well-trained delivery agent. Staffs are well trained to provide quality services and assistance to the customers.

4. Professional Call Agent

When you place your order on phone, we have professionals agent that will takes the necessary details and have your pizza delivered. There will always be someone available to attend to your needs whenever you call. There have been cases where people try to make orders through phone only for the call to go unanswered. This might makes the customers feel frustrated especially if they are no other option. But with so much competition, we provide quality services to our customers to keep them with us.

5. There Are Many Options You Can Make Order Through

Pizza Vancouver has so many avenues that you can reach them, from phone to email or any online platform. You can search for pizza Vancouver and get informations that are available online.

6. Pizza Vancouver Can be Prepared on Time

We have earlier shared the recipe for preparing pizza Vancouver and you will observe that it can be prepared on time. This also makes it freshly delivered to customers on time

Pizza Vancouver is not only delicious and tasty; you can also prepare it at home adding your own special ingredients to it. Pizza Vancouver can also be ordered as takeout as it is readily available in most pizza restaurants

Pizza Vancouver

Pizza delivery business is a part of the pizza business that involves delivering pizza to customers.

You should be aware that most pizza business also add this aspect to the business, as in the case of pizza Vancouver. The pizza delivery business is a major part and plays a very important role for the success with the business. This is because a higher percentage of pizza is ordered than eaten at a restaurant.

This is why in this article, we have to look at ways to improve the services to your pizza delivery business.

1. Your Transportation System

You should have a very good transportation system in place for your pizza delivery business to be successful. You can decide to have varieties of transport system like a van, motor cycle of bicycle. This will provide you with alternative transport options to use when one is not available and provide with vehicles that can be used for various types of route. As you will be aware, there are locations I’m which car cannot pass through, and in such cases you use a motor bike of bicycle.

2. Proper knowledge about the route

You will need a driver or delivery person with knowledge of the local route. This is because such knowledge can help in making delivery on time. You can also provide your delivery person with a GPS for easy tracking and navigation. You cannot do such a pizza delivery business successful if you are not aware of the local route.

3. Chain Of pizza business

This is important as you can transfer the orders made from one location to the one closet location for delivery. This will make making delivery very fast. They are large-scale pizza businesses, that have shops spread all over the states or province.

This is a case for pizza businesses like pizza Vancouver, as they are spread all over, so orders can be transferred to those closest to the location.

4. Anticipate What Your Customers like

In running a pizza delivery business, you should anticipate what the people around you desire. You cannot afford, not to have the type of pizza ordered must not available. This will probably make them go elsewhere to get their pizza, thus you losing more customers.Like in the case of Pizza Vancouver, which has become a regular in most pizza restaurants. This is because people find it very delicious as they keep making more orders.

5. Available Phone Attendants

You should ensure that your phone is always attended to. You will not want to lose customers because when they called to make orders, no one picked up. There are so many pizza home delivery businesses that people can go to when you do not pick up your calls.Employ phone attendant and provide them with training to apply to customers who call. Their approach might also make the customer come back again.

Pizza delivery business is a very lucrative and with good delivery services, you can keep your customers and even make new ones. The article clearly list some ways to make the best out of pizza delivery business.

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pizza healthy meal

We all know that eating pizza usually goes with some sort of drink along. And this is common not just with American, but all over the world.

Pizza is such a common delicacy that you can find anywhere. You can make or order pizza at home. You can get pizza in a restaurant or fast-food joint. You can also find pizza in a party or friends get together.

You can easily say pizza is the most popular food around the world, as it is eaten by all kinds of persons.

The worldwide acceptance of pizza has made it one of the most lucrative restaurant businesses.

In this article, we are going to discuss the common drinks that are usually taken along with pizza.

1. Pizza Along With Beer

This is one of the common drinks taken along with pizza, especially by Americans. You can easily find adult eating pizza along with cans of beer. This is common in bar or at a party.

It is also a common occurrence in campuses as students organizing a party, usually order pizza with beer and alcohol to go with it. This is common with those that order pizza takeout, as most pizza restaurants and fast-food joints hardly sell alcohol.

Alcohol does not really have any positive health effect upon the body, and taking alcohol along with pizza is not advisable. So this habit should be put to check especially for the aged people.

2. Pizza Along With Wine

Eating pizza along with wine is usually in a former gathering or family dinner. You find people that are in a former business dinner eating pizza along with a bottle of wine or people at a family dinner gathering. This habit of eating pizza along with wine is also common among European than Americans.

Another aspect of this is that Americans do order more pizza takeouts than any other region at the world. Many people feel it is healthier eating pizza along with wine, especially red wine. This is because of the benefit of red wine for the body. Studies show that red wine is good at the heart and general health to the body.

Thus it is advisable to eat pizza along with red wine.

3. Pizza Along with Soda or Soft drinks

This is the most familiar way of eating pizza all over the world. It is common in all ages of people. Since pizza is mostly served in fast food, you will see people eating pizza along with a bottle of coke or Pepsi. This is also the case with children and teenagers.

Another place in which such case also occurs, is in the office, where pizzas are ordered. There might be occasions where people work late, or during lunch hours, they normally order pizza along with sodas. This is because alcohols are not as a rule allowed in the work places.

You must understand that you should watch the way you consume pizza along with soda or soft drinks. The sugar contents in these drinks are very high and along with the calories in pizza, should be consumed in moderation.

These are three of the common drinks taken along with eating pizza. In any case, it is excellent to consume lots of water eating pizza for pleasurable digestion.

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pizza business

h1> Integrating your pizza business with modern technology is a good way of improving the profitability of your business.

With the advance in technology, the internet has become a household thing and has become so easily accessible. Business has taken advantage of the internet to market their product and services to their customers.

You can get across to more customers by integrating your pizza business with the internet. This is because of the number of people that are connected to the internet. In our present day society, you can get anything you want right from your internet connected phone, and this is why you have to join the world by integrating your business with modern technology.

In this article we are going to highlight five ways in which you can make your pizza business more profitable using the internet:

1. Using The Social Media

The social media is a great internet tool that can improve the accessibility of your pizza business as you can get across to more people. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram have millions of users and you can take advantage of this by registering your business on these platforms. You can use picture, words as you get to interact with your customers easily. Another advantage is that you can easily make a link for your customers to make an order online.

2. Building a Website For Your Pizza Business

Another way of taking advantage of the internet on your pizza business is to create a website for the business. The website will be your online store and people online can easily get information about your business. Your contact will be available on the website and customers can easily make orders by visiting your website. There are pizza businesses like Pizza Vancouver have their own website that offers information about their business.

Pizza Business website

Pizza Business website

3. Develop Mobile Application for Your Business

Mobile applications are a way many companies are catching up on the ever increasing amount of internet users. There are developers that are available to create a mobile application for your pizza business to meet your requirement. The mobile application can give customers up to date information about your business and its activities. They can check the daily menu to see what is available and make an order online.

pizza mobile application

pizza mobile application

4. Advertisement

You can also advertise your pizza business on popular site, and this will give your business more exposure to internet users. There are websites, that has huge traffic and you might be able to obtain advertisement slot for a price on this website. Just imagine the exposure you will get advertising in very popular websites like yahoo, with millions of visitors daily.

5. Using Google Adwords

If you have a website for your pizza business, you can invest in google adword as this will gets your website highly ranked in google search. Google AdWord will make your website available on the top list of google whenever keywords related to your website are searched for. You will have to pay a minimal fee using this service by google.

These are just some ways in which you can integrate your pizza business with modern technology, as you get more exposure and make your business accessible to more people.

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pizza calories count

Watching your intake of calories should be put into consideration when planning your diet. As we all know pizza contains high calories and saturated fats.
Pizza has become a very popular delicacy eaten by people of all ages and culture, and we have different types of pizza available. No matter what your preferences are, you will always find a type of pizza that suits your preference.
It is unfortunate that most people have stop eating their lovely savory pizza because they are afraid of the calories content. The fact is you do not have to quit eating pizza because of the calories count; you can still enjoy eating pizza and still watch your calories.
In this article, we are going to discuss ways in which you can eat your pizza and do not have to worry about the calories count:
1. Adding Vegetables to Your Pizza

Vegetable are made up of good body building ingredient and are good for the body, adding vegetable will builds up antitoxins, vitamins, fiber building elements and more to your body. This will also reduce the content of calories in the pizza and also add more to the body.
2. Eat Pizza with Thinner Crust

The crust is a very important part of the pizza, and different people have their preference of how they prepare their crust. In preparing any kind of pizza, such as the pizza Vancouver, you can decide to make your crust much thinner. The crust will determines the calories of the pizza as pizza with thicker crust have more calories than those with thinner crust. Thus to reduce your calories content when eating pizza, make or eat pizza with thinner crust.

3. Mind What Your Topping Is Made Up of

You have to be careful about what your pizza toppings are made up of if you are to control your calorie contents. You should mind that the toppings are not made up of high calories and fat contents such as high fat meats. You should go for lean meat with low fat content, also add vegetables and other fruits to your toppings. You can experiment with a lot of healthy ingredients as you mix your pizza toppings to try different combination.

4. Watch Your Pizza Eating Habit

The way and manner you eat pizza is very important in watching how the calories content in your body adds up. Experts have warned against eating as dessert after meal as this will likely increase the calories content along with your meal. You should also mind the time and hour of the day you eat pizza, try not to eat pizza late in the night and very early in the morning.

You do not have to forego those lovely tasty delicious pizzas just because you are afraid of adding calories to your body. As you can mix the content and how the pizza is made to reduce the calories content of the pizza.
You should also ensure that you visit a food nutritionist for advice on what kind of combination of ingredients will be healthy for you.

Pizza Vancouver

One of the important decisions involved in opening a pizza business is the location of your pizza restaurant.

The location of the pizza restaurant will go a long way in determining the success of the restaurant. You will not make money in an isolated environment, so it is essential your business is located in a very populated place. In addition, your location for your pizza restaurants should have an adequate parking space and easily accessible in and out.

You should also consider the people in the location of pizza restaurant, is the location a residential place for family? Or is it a working environment and what kind of workers? If your pizza restaurant is located in a functional environment, it will be more profitable it isolated in an open industrial area. When we say open industrial area, we mean a place where the workers can go out to get lunch outside the company.

Big pizza restaurants like pizza Vancouver took advantage of locating their restaurants in choice location in the city. This advantage helps in increasing patronage.

In this article, we will be discussing some places that will be very suitable location for pizza restaurant. These places are much more open with a lot of traffic in the area. The best places for pizza restaurants include:

1. Residential Area

This is a extremely good location for pizza restaurant, as you have family who will love to hangout in a very friendly neighborhood restaurant. Furthermore, you can easily attract them by organizing some family special events. You will as well have the opportunity to get home delivery orders.

2. College Campuses

College campus is the best location for a pizza business, as the student does patronage fast-food restaurants more. The truth is that students do hardly cook and mostly eat out, so businesses will take advantage of this and provide a ready made meals for them. Another advantage of this location for your pizza business is that students make lots of orders. They make orders for pizza when hungry, when having a party or studying together. So there is a huge potential in locating your pizza restaurant in a campus.

3. Close to a Recreational Park

A good location for pizza restaurant is close to place with a high-traffic flow, and this isnthe case of a park. Hundreds of people visit the park daily for recreational purposes, and a pizza restaurant will make a nice relaxing spot as they enjoy themselves to a tasty pizza.

4. Shopping Mall

Shoppers are wiling to spend, and shopping can be a very daunting task thus shoppers need a place to eat and regain energy. Right? Shopping mall is a good location for pizza restaurants as they are much traffic of people willing to spend money. 

5. Business and Company District

Locating a pizza restaurant in a business district is a sure way of making money as you are most likely to cater for their lunch. They most likely to visit your restaurant for a quick breakfast takeaway to the office and for lunch. They are also likely to order for delivery of pizza as they work overtime at the office.

These are just some of the best location for your pizza business for making profit.

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pizza toppings

Pizza toppings are a special and important part of the pizza meal. This is because people have different preference for pizza toppings.

While making a homemade pizza, you are at liberty of making any type of pizza toppings that suit you. When ordering pizza or eating in a restaurant, you have no choice but to choose from the different available toppings.

The ingredient made up of the pizza toppings varies according to the vegetables, milk, cheese, onion or fruit mix up. There are cases where people like to mix two different type of toppings.

Some people have the habit of removing pizza toppings when eating pizza if they are not really sure of the ingredients used in making the topping.

However, restaurants always provide options on what you will prefer as toppings on your pizza. This is because they realized that people have different preference, and some may be due to medical allergies.

According to the Huffington post from a survey carried out, 37% of people eat and order their pizza plain. This is a very high percentage of pizza lovers as the remaining percentages are shared among other varieties of toppings.

The survey also analysed pizza order from restaurants such as Pizza Vancouver and all over the United States and Canada, to ascertain the most ordered pizza toppings.

And from their result, they found out that the top 10 pizza toppings are as follows:

1. Pepperoni
2. Mushrooms
3. Onions
4. Sausage
5. Bacon
6. Extra Cheese
7. Black Olives
8. Green Pepper
9. pineapple
10. Spinach

The list is a surprise to many, as it gives the fact that people seem to mind eating healthy. The fact that we have onion way up to the list indicate people are mindful of the impact of vegetable on their meal.

One other point to notify is that this makes up 63% of people that orders topping as we already found out that 37% order pizza plain.

The 37% will raise a high concerns on the healthy eating habit of Americans, as eating pizza plain contains more calories. And also no extra body building ingredient goes along with it.

However, it still shows that more people are now eating healthy, and this is an improvement.

A food expert who saw this result classified Americans as boring as more people order plain pizza than with toppings. In other parts of the world like in Europe, especially Italy and Greece, pizza topping is a major part of the pizza. It is believed that the amount if that eating plain pizza is much more less than 37% in these regions.

The pizza toppings are usually made up of fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese, pepper, fruits, meat or chicken, which are good for the body.

However, it all comes down to the preference of individuals what they prefer as pizza toppings, or if they prefer any toppings at all.

The statistic shows the eating habits of Americans when it comes to ordering and eating pizza.

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