pizza calories count

Watching your intake of calories should be put into consideration when planning your diet. As we all know pizza contains high calories and saturated fats.

Pizza has become a very popular delicacy eaten by people of all ages and cultures, and we have different types of pizza available. No matter what your preferences are, you will always find a type of pizza that suits your preferences.

It’s unfortunate that most people have stopped eating their lovely savory pizza because they are afraid of the amount of calories. The fact is you do not have to quit eating pizza because of the calories; you can still enjoy eating pizza while watching out your diet.

How? Let’s discuss this together in this article.

1. Adding Vegetables to Your Pizza

The first thing to do when ordering a pizza while being on a diet
(yes you can also have cheat meals on diet!) is to go for the one with lots of vegetables and less cheese or fat meat.

As you may know, vegetables are made up of great bodybuilding ingredients and are good for the body, adding veggies will build up antitoxins, vitamins, fiber building elements and more to your body.

Plus, by doing so, you will reduce space for other cheesy or greasy ingredients and thus reduce the content of calories in the pizza.

2. Eat Pizza with Thinner Crust

The crust is a very important part of the pizza and people have their preference of how they prepare it. Unfortunately, as long as the crust is delicious and an indispensable part of the pizza, it is also very caloric…

This is why we recommend you to opt for a thinner crust as the one we serve at Pizza Vancouver. The thinner the crust is, the fewer calories you’ll eat.

3. Mind What Your Topping Is Made Up of

The third element to pay attention to is the topping. If you have respect the two previous elements but you add tons of fatty toppings, you’ll ruin the efforts…

Just mind to choose toppings with low calories and fat content such as eggs, onion, corn, pineapple, chicken,…

And promised, this is not because you add lean toppings you’re pizza will be less good. 😉

4. Watch Your Pizza Eating Habit

The last element to take into account is the way and manner you eat your pizza.

Apparently, according to some experts, it is very unadvised to have some desserts after this kind of meal. You should also mind the moment of the day you eat your pizza. Try not to eat pizza late at night and very early in the morning.

If you desire to know more about this, you should ensure that you visit a food nutritionist for advice on what kind of combination of ingredients will be healthy for you. Because convenient for someone doesn’t mean convenient for everyone.

That’s it for today, time to enjoy your pizza now! 😀

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