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There are some facts about pizza that pizza that we should know about as pizza becomes very popular all over the world.

Pizza has become so popular especially among some set of people. The pattern of pizza consumption has become has become so predictable that you can now draw some facts about pizza. These facts were drawn from statistics and studies on the way pizza are consumed by a different class of people.

In this article we are going to highlight some interesting and amazing facts about pizza:

1. 25% of Children and Teenagers

The study shows that at least 25% people between the ages of 4 years to 19 consume pizza daily in the United State of America, these shows that children consume the most pizza on the daily basis. The pizza can be served as breakfast or dinner to these children.

2. $12 000 is The Price of The Most Expensive Pizza

The most expensive pizza in the world cost $12, 000 and the pizza will have to be prepared in your place with the presence of chefs. The pizza comes along with a bottle of Remy martins and champagne.

3. A pizza Guy Received $1 286 Tip For Delivery Pizza

This is an amazing fact about pizza, in the year 2014, a pizza delivery guy received a $1 286btips for delivery pizza to a campus where 3000 students gave him a total tip of $1 286. This is the highest tip recorded so far for delivering pizza.

4. The World Largest Pizza is 131m in Diameter

The largest pizza on record was made in Italy by Dovilio Nardi and it comprises 19 800 pound of flour, 10 000 pounds of tomatoes sauce, 8 800 pounds of mozzarella cheese and some other stuff. The total pound of the pizza was above 51 000 pounds.

5. Higher Percentage Of White Adults Eat More Pizza Than Blacks and Hispanics

One amazing and interesting fact about pizza is that a higher percentage of white adults consume pizza more than blacks and Hispanics. This statistic is only valid among adult as it differs among young people.

6. Higher Percentage Of Pizza Are Delivered

One fact about pizza that business owner will like to look into is that a very high percentage of pizza consumption are delivered in the United State of America rather than homemade. This is an advantage that business owners take advantage of in going into the pizza business.

7. Pizza Can Fight Cancer

One healthy fact about twitter is that it is healthy and helps to fight off some cancer types. The tomatoes use in preparing the topping for pizza contains some enzymes that can fight off disease and improve the immune system.

8. There Are Many Types of Pizza

There are so many types of pizza in the world today; they are made up of different ingredients that are mostly influenced by the location. Pizza Vancouver is an example of one of those pizza named based on the location.

These are some few facts about pizza that you should know.

Pizza Vancouver

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