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Pizza business also has its high and low period just like any other businesses. There will be periods of increase sales and decreased sales.

Pizza business is a very lucrative business and like most food business, it always has demands. However, there are specific periods of high sales and period of decreased sales or low patronage.

Pizza business is by no means a seasonal business as it is in demand all year round, but some event, festivities or holidays may trigger an increase in sales.

In this article, we are going to look at some events that may trigger an increase in sales in pizza business:

1. Thanksgiving Period

Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the United States of America, and this holiday is followed with lots of fun fare, parties and get together. It is a period where people get to share time with families especially extended family. As we all know, with celebration and fun fare, there will also be lots of food. And since Americans are one of the highest consumers of pizza, you will likely expect pizza to be among the dishes served. In addition, since they are fun fare, parties and get together, this period is characterized with lots of pizza orders. This is a great time for pizza businesses as lots of pizzas are ordered in this period of Thanksgiving.

2. Sporting Events

Another event that triggers lofty sales in pizza for pizza businesses is a sport event. Super bowl has been known to record towering sales in pizza as people watching the game all over the United States and the world shut down to bottle of drinks along with pizza.

You might just want to hangout with friends as you watch the Superbowl final and order some pizza along with bottles or can of beer. Furthermore, high sale of pizza was recorded at the stadium of the event.

Similar situation occurs during other major sporting events, especially finals like the UEFA Champion league final, or the soccer world cup finals. Pizza business usually experiences high sales during these sporting periods.

3. Summer Period

We earlier mentioned that pizza business was not seasonal, but during the summer period, there is much higher demand for pizza. This is because during summer period, there are many parties, hanging out and family get together. During summer period, the family might just decide to go out to a pizza restaurant and get a pizza. On the other hand, they might decide to go for a picnic along with pizza. It is normal for people to go out more during summer time thus more pizzas are ordered during this period.

4. Major Holidays

Pizza business generally experiences an increase in sales during holidays, and this is one of their busiest periods. Major holidays like Christmas, New Year celebration normally sees increase in the order for pizza as people spend time together partying and celebrating. In the United States, these periods are times when families come together and merry as they celebrate the coming of a new year.

The above instances are just some situation n cases where pizza business experience increase in sales.

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