Pizza marketing is something you have to take very serious if you are into pizza business in any way.

Americans consume a very high percentage of pizza daily in the world. It is also believed that the pizza business runs into billion of dollars monthly.

Furthermore, with thousands of pizza business in America, you will have to find a way for your pizza business to stand out. Pizza Vancouver is just one of the numerous pizza businesses in America among individuals and chain pizza businesses. So a proper marketing strategy should be strategize to maximize exposure of your business.

In this article, we will list and discuss six strategies for your pizza marketing:

1. Proper Use of Image

You should ensure you use a very nice, mouth watering image for your campaign in promoting your pizza business. The proper use of image for your pizza marketing, will attract people by using the most sensitive organ, which is the sights. You should choose a nice image not only for your billboard, but also for your website and any promotional pamphlet.

2. You Should Offer Combo Package Deal

You should offer combo package when you give out pizza orders. You should do this by offering something along with the pizza, when people come to your restaurant or order takeout. This will make your customers feel they are getting more than pizza for same price. You might decide to add extra cheese or a soda along with the pizza. This will also encourage people to patronize you.

3. You Should Offer Coupon Deal

Another way you can carry out pizza marketing for your pizza business is by offering coupon deals. This is a good way to drive more foot traffic to your pizza restaurant. However, you should run the pizza coupons that avoid it being abused by customers.

4. Reward Your Loyal Customers

There will consistently be some few regulars who frequent your pizza restaurant, an excellent marketing strategy for your pizza business is to reward such people. This is because the best marketing strategy is word of mouth, and these loyal customers will constantly pass out favourable news about your business. This will also encourage more people to visit your pizza restaurant.

You can reward your loyal customers by offering them free meal or giving out gifts.

5. Running an Online Marketing Campaign

The Internet is such a great way for marketing your pizza business as you can reach unlimited numbers of customers. You should create a website to launch your pizza business online, run a appropriate email and social media marketing campaign.

This will enable to grow your business on-line as your take your pizza marketing on-line.

6. Sponsoring Local Events

Another way for pizza marketing to raise much-needed awareness for your pizza business is by sponsoring localized events. You can sponsor the local community football team, or offer community service such as a free meal. This will not only get your business much needed exposure to the local community, but you will now be accepted as among them which can increase patronage.

The above Pizza marketing strategies are ways in which you can get your pizza business more exposure. And also encourage more visitors to patronize your business.

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pizza business increase sales

Pizza business also has its high and low period just like any other businesses. There will be periods of increase sales and decreased sales.

Pizza business is a very lucrative business and like most food business, it always has demands. However, there are specific periods of high sales and period of decreased sales or low patronage.

Pizza business is by no means a seasonal business as it is in demand all year round, but some event, festivities or holidays may trigger an increase in sales.

In this article, we are going to look at some events that may trigger an increase in sales in pizza business:

1. Thanksgiving Period

Thanksgiving is a major holiday in the United States of America, and this holiday is followed with lots of fun fare, parties and get together. It is a period where people get to share time with families especially extended family. As we all know, with celebration and fun fare, there will also be lots of food. And since Americans are one of the highest consumers of pizza, you will likely expect pizza to be among the dishes served. In addition, since they are fun fare, parties and get together, this period is characterized with lots of pizza orders. This is a great time for pizza businesses as lots of pizzas are ordered in this period of Thanksgiving.

2. Sporting Events

Another event that triggers lofty sales in pizza for pizza businesses is a sport event. Super bowl has been known to record towering sales in pizza as people watching the game all over the United States and the world shut down to bottle of drinks along with pizza.

You might just want to hangout with friends as you watch the Superbowl final and order some pizza along with bottles or can of beer. Furthermore, high sale of pizza was recorded at the stadium of the event.

Similar situation occurs during other major sporting events, especially finals like the UEFA Champion league final, or the soccer world cup finals. Pizza business usually experiences high sales during these sporting periods.

3. Summer Period

We earlier mentioned that pizza business was not seasonal, but during the summer period, there is much higher demand for pizza. This is because during summer period, there are many parties, hanging out and family get together. During summer period, the family might just decide to go out to a pizza restaurant and get a pizza. On the other hand, they might decide to go for a picnic along with pizza. It is normal for people to go out more during summer time thus more pizzas are ordered during this period.

4. Major Holidays

Pizza business generally experiences an increase in sales during holidays, and this is one of their busiest periods. Major holidays like Christmas, New Year celebration normally sees increase in the order for pizza as people spend time together partying and celebrating. In the United States, these periods are times when families come together and merry as they celebrate the coming of a new year.

The above instances are just some situation n cases where pizza business experience increase in sales.

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pizza healthy meal

We all know that eating pizza usually goes with some sort of drink along. And this is common not just with American, but all over the world.

Pizza is such a common delicacy that you can find anywhere. You can make or order pizza at home. You can get pizza in a restaurant or fast-food joint. You can also find pizza in a party or friends get together.

You can easily say pizza is the most popular food around the world, as it is eaten by all kinds of persons.

The worldwide acceptance of pizza has made it one of the most lucrative restaurant businesses.

In this article, we are going to discuss the common drinks that are usually taken along with pizza.

1. Pizza Along With Beer

This is one of the common drinks taken along with pizza, especially by Americans. You can easily find adult eating pizza along with cans of beer. This is common in bar or at a party.

It is also a common occurrence in campuses as students organizing a party, usually order pizza with beer and alcohol to go with it. This is common with those that order pizza takeout, as most pizza restaurants and fast-food joints hardly sell alcohol.

Alcohol does not really have any positive health effect upon the body, and taking alcohol along with pizza is not advisable. So this habit should be put to check especially for the aged people.

2. Pizza Along With Wine

Eating pizza along with wine is usually in a former gathering or family dinner. You find people that are in a former business dinner eating pizza along with a bottle of wine or people at a family dinner gathering. This habit of eating pizza along with wine is also common among European than Americans.

Another aspect of this is that Americans do order more pizza takeouts than any other region at the world. Many people feel it is healthier eating pizza along with wine, especially red wine. This is because of the benefit of red wine for the body. Studies show that red wine is good at the heart and general health to the body.

Thus it is advisable to eat pizza along with red wine.

3. Pizza Along with Soda or Soft drinks

This is the most familiar way of eating pizza all over the world. It is common in all ages of people. Since pizza is mostly served in fast food, you will see people eating pizza along with a bottle of coke or Pepsi. This is also the case with children and teenagers.

Another place in which such case also occurs, is in the office, where pizzas are ordered. There might be occasions where people work late, or during lunch hours, they normally order pizza along with sodas. This is because alcohols are not as a rule allowed in the work places.

You must understand that you should watch the way you consume pizza along with soda or soft drinks. The sugar contents in these drinks are very high and along with the calories in pizza, should be consumed in moderation.

These are three of the common drinks taken along with eating pizza. In any case, it is excellent to consume lots of water eating pizza for pleasurable digestion.

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pizza calories count

Watching your intake of calories should be put into consideration when planning your diet. As we all know pizza contains high calories and saturated fats.
Pizza has become a very popular delicacy eaten by people of all ages and culture, and we have different types of pizza available. No matter what your preferences are, you will always find a type of pizza that suits your preference.
It is unfortunate that most people have stop eating their lovely savory pizza because they are afraid of the calories content. The fact is you do not have to quit eating pizza because of the calories count; you can still enjoy eating pizza and still watch your calories.
In this article, we are going to discuss ways in which you can eat your pizza and do not have to worry about the calories count:
1. Adding Vegetables to Your Pizza

Vegetable are made up of good body building ingredient and are good for the body, adding vegetable will builds up antitoxins, vitamins, fiber building elements and more to your body. This will also reduce the content of calories in the pizza and also add more to the body.
2. Eat Pizza with Thinner Crust

The crust is a very important part of the pizza, and different people have their preference of how they prepare their crust. In preparing any kind of pizza, such as the pizza Vancouver, you can decide to make your crust much thinner. The crust will determines the calories of the pizza as pizza with thicker crust have more calories than those with thinner crust. Thus to reduce your calories content when eating pizza, make or eat pizza with thinner crust.

3. Mind What Your Topping Is Made Up of

You have to be careful about what your pizza toppings are made up of if you are to control your calorie contents. You should mind that the toppings are not made up of high calories and fat contents such as high fat meats. You should go for lean meat with low fat content, also add vegetables and other fruits to your toppings. You can experiment with a lot of healthy ingredients as you mix your pizza toppings to try different combination.

4. Watch Your Pizza Eating Habit

The way and manner you eat pizza is very important in watching how the calories content in your body adds up. Experts have warned against eating as dessert after meal as this will likely increase the calories content along with your meal. You should also mind the time and hour of the day you eat pizza, try not to eat pizza late in the night and very early in the morning.

You do not have to forego those lovely tasty delicious pizzas just because you are afraid of adding calories to your body. As you can mix the content and how the pizza is made to reduce the calories content of the pizza.
You should also ensure that you visit a food nutritionist for advice on what kind of combination of ingredients will be healthy for you.

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pizza healthy meal

We have already discussed the high rate of pizza consumption on several occasions. What made pizza so popular is that you can take it in so many fun places.

There are so many places you can take pizza, you can order for pizza as you share with friends and families, when you hang out on such fun places. One common thing about pizza is that it is a meal that is enjoyable when shares with people. And that is why you get to seen people order pizza when they are together than when alone.

In this article, we are going to list out some of these fun places you can order pizza and share with friends and family:

1. In The Cinemas

I am sure you have seen people enjoying themselves with pizza as they chill out and enjoy a movie in the cinema. This scenario is very common, as you have a nice yummy delicious pizza Vancouver as you enjoy the movie. Cinema is a common fun place where there are many people, and pizza is just one of those considered snacks in the cinema.

2. In a Part

The in-house party is another fun place where you are most likely to find pizza as a snack. It is common for the host to order stalks of pizza as guest eat and drink as they catch fun at the party. The host usually orders various type of pizza so as to cater for the needs of people at the party. You can find pizza Vancouver, pizza made of beef or chicken and so on.

3. During Night Out With Friends

Pizza is usually ordered as friends decide to have a night out together, they order for pizza as they share jokes and have fun together along with drinks. It is common that they order the pizza as they get together or as we usually have all night delivery pizza services. Another place people get pizza is at the office as they work overnight, they might decide to take a quick break as they make an order for a pizza to end a long day at work.

4. Ordering Pizza in Fast Food

There is those who hang out in fast food joint as they relax and catch up with friends, they most likely order pizza along with drinks as they enjoy themselves. Fast food joints and pizza restaurants are fun places to catch up with friends and relax with a bite of pizza.

5. Order For Pizza on A Movie Night at Home

You might just decide to get the family together as you watch one of the latest box office movie or a lovely family movie rental. As you order pizza and enjoy family time watching a movie. This is just for the family, but you can also gather friends together and enjoy the movie as you order for a pizza to go along with it.

Pizza is a very popular meal or snacks when people hang out together; this is why it is common in fun places where people hang out together.

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6 reasons why people are ordering pizza

Do you believe more people order pizza to be delivered than they do go out to eat pizza?

In our present day America, pizza is the most ordered delicacy.People orders for pizza to be delivered to homes, offices, workplace regularly on a daily basis.

There is some percentage that prefers home made pizza and some that go out to eat pizza. However, from my insight, I do believe a high proportion of people eating pizza makes an order for delivering.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why people order pizza more than make it at home or eat it at a restaurant.

1. It is Faster When You Order Pizza

Ever have an intense craving for something, and you need it at that moment. One reason people are ordering pizza is because it is fast than preparing it at home. When you order from a pizza restaurant not far from you, you can get your pizza in ten to 20 minutes.

2. You Do Not Have to Stress Yourself

You will prefer to order when you consider the effort and time it will take you to prepare pizza at home and consider the ease of just picking up the phone and order. If you want to make a pizza, you will have to go to get the ingredients, if you do not have them at home. Then the process of baking the pie and preparing the sauce. Well, just a few clicks on the phone will gets you that pizza.

3. It is Cheaper

Well, if you think about it, ordering pizza is cheaper than preparing it at home or even going to a restaurant. You will not spend money on ingredients or transportation. You just have to add a little tip for the pizza delivery person.

4. You Can Order Pizza Anywhere

The fact that you can order your pizza and get it delivered to you anywhere is another reason why the percentage of those ordering pizza is high. You do not necessarily need to be at home to order pizza if you have a craving for pizza at that moment. You can order pizza to your office, friends place or even to the park.

5. You Can Order As Many as You Want

Imagine you are having a little get-together party in your apartment. You cannot make pizza for everyone that is coming as you might not have the time to do that or the resources for it. However, you can order as many pizzas as you want that can caters for your visitors.

6. You Have Varieties of Pizza to Choose

If you know how to make pizza, the truth is you might not be good in preparing the various type of pizza. When you are ordering for pizza, you have the opportunity of choosing from a variety of available type of pizza from their menu. So your choice of pizza is not limited to the one you can make. We have the Margherita, Pizza Vancouver, vegetable pizza, beef pizza and so many other types of pizza you can choose from when ordering for pizza.

These are six reasons while people order pizza than making it at home or eating at a restaurant.

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pizza delivery

Pizza delivery business is a part of the lucrative and thriving pizza business.

There are some few aspects to the pizza business and pizza delivery order is one of them. The pizza delivery order section is very important as the percentage of people that are placing order on pizza is on the increase. A lot of pizza restaurants are now offering home delivery services, just like pizza Vancouver. They have their numbers on their websites and on advertisement boards so you can easily contact them, to make orders.

People tend to order pizza to homes, offices and workplace more than those that visit the pizza restaurants.

In this article, we look at challenges faced by the pizza delivery agents or services:

1. Answering for Prank Call

This is a major challenge faced by the pizza delivery business. There are hundreds if prank call made to pizza delivery companies weekly. Some if these prank calls go to the extent of giving out fake address thus wasting time and man power.

2. Delivering to Rough Neighborhood

There is the danger of making delivery to very rough and dangerous neighborhood, where you might get attacked and robbed. This is the risk involved in running the business as we have to go where the customer orders. We always give advice to our pizza delivery agent to be observant and take themselves away from any potential risky situation.

3. Engaging Rude Customers

Pizza delivery agents are faced with meeting all kinds of people. Their chances of meeting the over nice to the ill-mannered customers. Agents are advice to be patient in handling ill-mannered customers and walk away if the persons show any violent tendencies.

4. Customers With no Intention to Pay

We have seen situations in which customers order for pizza to be delivered only to avoid paying when it is delivered. Agents are advice to collect payment before handing out the pizza.

5. Customers With Pets

Pizza delivery agents face the challenges of engaging various pets when making delivery. This is dangerous as some pet will be unfriendly and might attack the delivery agent. When orders are put through, if possible ask if they have pets, so you can give the agents heads-up on what to expect.

6. Accident Can Happens

This is another risk involved in the pizza delivery business. Accidents can happen, and the pizza may get ruined; you cannot deliver the pizza damaged like that to the client. So you will have to go back and get a new one. This will cost extra from the company pocket and waste time to deliver, which might in turn infuriate the customer.

7. Some Customers Do not Give Tips

It is expected that you add a little extra as a tip to the pizza delivery agent. Some customers avoid doing this, which might count as a loss to the delivery guy.

These are just the challenges faced in the pizza delivery business. You can try to place some kind of check on them, but some of them seem like necessary risk to the business.

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starting a pizza business

There are some factors you have to put into consideration if you are intending on starting a pizza business.

In starting a pizza business, you can decide to make it an all-out pizza restaurant or add some other meal or delicacies. The pizza business is a very thriving business. It can also be a very hard business as you customers’ increases.

Starting a pizza business may not require that much in term of capital, time and resources depending on the scale of the business.
In this article, we will discuss some factors you should consider in starting a pizza business:

1. You Should Know About Your Targeted Customers

In starting a pizza business, it is important that you take your targeted customers into consideration. You have to have a knowledge of the culture of the people that you will be potential customers. In a community made up of Italians, you will have to prepare mostly Italian pizza. This will make the people in the community patronize your place it is in line with what they desire. They are some types of pizza that are peculiar to some particular set of people. We have the Pizza Vancouver that is unique to the Americans and Margherita that is unique to the Italians.

2. Cost of Starting the Business

In preparing to start a pizza business, you will have to draw down a business plan. This business plan will put into consideration the cost of starting the business. The cost of starting the business will include the cost of getting kitchen materials like the ovens, getting a place to run your business, designing the place, salaries and so on. This will help plan how to spend your money to invest in the business and draw a plan on how and when to recover your capital.

3. Hiring Good Chef

You will also have to consider getting a good chef in running your pizza business. It does not matter if you know how to prepare pizza; this is because you will need help in meeting up with the demand of customers. So a good chef is imperative to prepare delicious and mouthwatering pizza.

4. The Location of the Business

You should consider a very popular location that your pizza restaurant will be located. The place should be easily accessible and comfortable. The location is very important to the success of the business; a well open location that has a lot of traffic will be suitable for the pizza business. While a location that is obscure and seldom have traffic flow will be detrimental to the success of the pizza business.

5. Have an Organized Delivery Services

You should plan for an organized delivery services when starting a pizza business, as you put into consideration getting a delivery van or vehicle to deliver pizza to customers. This is a very important area in the pizza business as more pizza re-delivered to home, offices and outside the pizza business location than they are ordered in the restaurant.

These are just some factors you will have to consider in starting a pizza business, to help the business to make a profit and grow.

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Pizza Business

The pizza business is a very lucrative business and the internet had brought lots of new avenues to exploit more frontiers in the business.

Pizza business does not take much to start depending on the scale of investment, but the business expansion is unlimited. You can grow the business to any extent you desire and aim for. Pizza business can grow from a home start up to a nationwide business.
With the advent of the internet and with businesses taking advantage of the internet to expand their business, with your pizza business, you can also take advantage of the internet to grow and expand your business.

In this article, we are going to discuss ways in which the internet can help you grow your pizza business:

1. Make Your Business More Accessible

The internet will help in making your business more accessible to your client and potential clients. By placing your business online in creating a website for your business, your business has the potential to go global and can be accessible by a few clicks away. It is easy and cheaper to get a website for your pizza business and place relevant information of the business online.

2. Customers Can Place Orders Online

When you place your pizza business online, you will have relevant information on your business on the website and how you can be reached. This will make it easy for people to place orders online and it has the potentials of increasing sales. This is one of the benefits of having a website of your business it has a huge potential for increasing sales and awareness in your business. This is because we have a very high percentage of people that are online. Another advantage is that more people are using the internet to order and buy stuff.

3. You be in Competition With Other Companies

By placing your business online, you will be in competition with other pizza businesses online. You will be able to be in the market with them as you fight for a share of the online customers. In this age of the internet, you will lose out of a large portion of the customer base if you fail to take your business online, as other business will take full advantage of that area as you lag behind.

4. Use of The Social Media

The social media is one of the most popular and most used media in the world. A lot of businesses are making use of FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and so many others to boost and expand their businesses. The pizza business can also take advantage of this opportunity. With facebook, you can post pictures, videos as well as a blog to get your followers to see and read about your products. While Instagram makes use of pictures, which you can use to as an advantage by posting yummy and delicious looking pictures of your pizza. The various social media platform has their advantages which you can make use of to your advantage.

These are just a few reasons why you should take full advantage of the internet to get your pizza business going.

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There has always been the notion that eating pizza is not healthy.

Pizza has been classified among other fast foods like hamburger, donuts, hot dog and a host of others. And these foods are seen as unhealthy consumption. It is mostly advice that people should not eat pizza, and if you must do, eat it moderately.

Well, this discussion can be viewed from various points. Of course consuming too much of a particular meal is not healthy, but before we classify any delicacies as unhealthy for consumption, we have to look at what that delicacy is made up of, the food group present in the pizza delicacies and how it affects the chemical balance within the body.

As we all know we have different types of pizza like the pizza Vancouver, which is a very special delicacy. And these different types of pizza are made up of various ingredients from vegetables, olive oil, fish, chicken, beef, tomatoes, cheese,  butter  and so many other stuffs. And all these different stuffs and ingredients gave various benefits to the body.

So we are going to look how pizza is healthy and beneficial to the body.

1. It Is Not Fried

This is one if the advantage and healthy benefit of pizza. It is not fried and contains fewer saturated fats unlike most meals or delicacies you can find in fast food. So you have no risk of consuming too much saturated fat and calories in taking pizza Vancouver.

2. No Preservatives

Pizza Vancouver is made with no preservatives as they are usually prepared locally. Unlike some meals in fast food which are prepared in a factory some places far off, and preservatives are applied to keep the food from spoiling. These preservatives are found to have health implications on consumption. This is one of the advantages of eating pizza.

3. Pizza Contains Body Building Nutrient

Pizzas are prepared with natural organic materials, which contain body building nutrients that are needed by the body. Pizza Vancouver is made up of olive oil, vegetables and cheese. These ingredients contains vitamins’ complex, which helps to build body cells and prevent diseases. Vegetables contain fibre, which is body building materials and help in building blood cells. Olives contain vitamin E and other body building nutrient, which help in preventing inflammation, cell damage and increase cholesterol. Pizza can be recommended for those recovering from illness or that had just undergone surgery, as this will help in building up the cells within the body.

4.  Heart Diseases And Cancer

Studies have shown that the ingredients used in preparing pizza can help the body in resisting heart-related diseases and can help in preventing certain cancers. Tomato which is a major ingredient in preparing pizza is known to contain lycopene. Lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant is helpful in fighting off certain cancer, and it is beneficial as they help in building up the blood vessel, bones and skin.

These ingredients mentioned above are used in preparing Pizza Vancouver, and I hope with highlighting the health benefits if eating pizza from research carried out, I am sure you are now be rest assured of eating and enjoying your pizza.

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