Pizza Vancouver serves the best pizzas in the city . At this stage, you must probably wonder why? Let’s answer this question with 3 unquestionable facts!

1. REAL homemade pizzas

Today, many places pretend to be authentic and providing homemade food but they actually don’t. At Pizza Vancouver, we dedicate most of our time preparing pizzas using the finest and the fresher local ingredients. Lots of people tend to think that good homemade pizza is all about great recipe and homemade dough. But actually, it’s way more than that. It’s about passion. At Pizza Vancouver, we cook with lust and enthusiasm, we devote our entire time thinking about how to improve our pizzas taking into account our customers’ wants. This is how we offer tasteful, crispy and soft pizzas, providing you with a descriptiveness and intense tasting feeling. It only takes one mouth to immediately fall in love with Pizza Vancouver. Haven’t you tried yet? Time to eat and learn guys!

2. Good listener

Obviously, the quality service is one of our strength and we are pretty sure you can find this one almost everywhere as today, everyone knows that being customers oriented is the key to success, or almost. So, how do we make the difference? Simply because at Pizza Vancouver, as already mentioned, we work with pleasure and not because we have to. We are happy to provide you guys, every day, with awesome tasteful pizzas and even more seeing you enjoying those ones. Our quality service goes way beyond serving customers properly putting a big smile on our face and being nice, we also listen to them to make sure we deliver the best. We love sharing with them as we are convinced this is one of the best ways to keep on track and to improve. That’s why we are coming soon with novelty including YOUR wants. Any recommendations?

3. You don’t wanna die being innocent

Ok, let’s be honest, we can’t pretend we are better than anyone else BUT we can for sure affirm our pizzas are really worth it! Authenticity is marked by our pizzaiolo’s unique know-how, giving you the feeling of traveling in Italy in a single bite. Pizzas are incredibly delicious with their chewy and crispy crust at the same time, not to mention the perfectly melted cheese on the top offering even more sensations. For those who still haven’t tasted our pizzas, we hope you are now on your way to Pizza Vancouver to fix this! Don’t be silly, come over and try!

Pizza Vancouver
starting a pizza business

Starting a pizza business is not that difficult, especially if you have the right recipe for preparing delicious pizza.

There are a lot of restaurants that offer pizza as part of their daily menu. While there is also small business that specialized just on pizza. Starting pizza business is not that capital intensive, as you can start on a small-scale and grow as you get more clients. You also have to consider transportation in this kind of business. You will have to consider transportation in pizza business, as you will be taking home delivery services.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the
advantages of starting a pizza business. This will be in reference to pizza Vancouver business.

1. Food Business is lucrative.

. The food-industry business is a very lucrative business, as people will always eat. Pizza has become a very popular delicacy, and it is consumed by people of every type. Pizza Vancouver has recorded high sales as the demand has not dropped even in time of recession. It is recorded that pizza is one of the most homes delivered meals in the United States, and it is one of the most ordered meals in European restaurants, especially in countries like Italy and Greece. So going to the pizza business will be lucrative.

2. The Health Benefits of Eating Pizza.

There have been prove that eating pizza is good for the body. Pizza is a healthy delicacy made up of nutritious ingredients like tomatoes, cheeses and so on. Starting a pizza business will make you more profit as you enlighten people about the health benefits of eating pizza.

3. Pizza is a Quick Meal.

Pizza is like most fast-food meal; it takes less time to make and serve fast. This makes ordering pizza a quick choice for people who want a fast meal on the go. The ease at which getting pizza when ordered makes starting a pizza a very lucrative business. This makes pizza a very demanding business.

4. Pizza is Easy to Prepare

Starting a pizza business, you have to know how to prepare pizza. This is not as difficult as you might think. Pizza is very easy to prepare, and you can get recipes of various kind of pizza online. We have previously discussed preparation of pizza Vancouver and this might just be a good starting point. You will probably need an oven or make use of your home cooker in preparing pizza. The ingredients for preparing pizza are also readily available and not expensive to get.

5. They are Many Varieties of Pizza.

There are many types and varieties of pizza that you can make. We have pizza Vancouver, Margherita, Italian pizza and so many. With these different types of pizza, you can extend your market to almost everyone. People have different demands, while some will prefer cheese toppings, others may prefer garlic toppings on their pizza. You will need to understand the different types of pizza and the needs of people so you can offer different types of pizza and reach more people.

I hope with five reasons; you can see while starting a pizza business is a lucrative decision.

Pizza Vancouver
type of pizza

Pizza has remained one of the most mouth watering tasty delicacy in the world that had remained over time.

From the history of pizza, it can be seen that the type and method of preparing pizza have changed with time. That we have so many types of pizza available. Some that are named based upon the location that pizza was first made. However, regardless, it will be observed that most of these pizzas still have origin linked to the Italians. And so it can safely be said that Italy is the birth place of pizza.

There are so many types of pizza that it will be very impossible to name all of them. Nevertheless, in this particular article, we are going to list out some of the popular types available throughout the world.

1. Pizza Vancouver

This is a particular type of pizza that is available in the United States, and it originated from Vancouver, thus the name. It is delicious and tasty and contains olive as an ingredient and tomatoes as toppings.

2. Margherita

This is one of the oldest kinds of pizza that is named after an Italian Queen. The recipe for this pizza is about a century old from Italy, the assumption birth place of pizza. Margherita pizza is made up of toppings of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and red basil. It is usually represented in a way that it denotes the red, white and blue of the Italian flag, a country that is very proud of the identity.



3. Stromboli

This is a very common type of pizza that is enjoyed worldwide. The origin of the stromboli is very confusing as some claim that it originated from Italy as far back as 1950, while other claims it originated in Washington as far back as 1954. It is usually referred to as Stromboli sandwich in United States, and this pizza is rolled over when prepared.



4. Lahma Bi Ajeen

This is a type of pizza, and it is very delicious. This type of pizza is specially for those people that like beef or meat. It originated from the Middle East, probably from Lebanese. It is made with minced onions, ground lamb, Cummins and yogurt.

5. Marinara

This is a type of pizza that originated in Italy, and it is believed to have been prepared specially for sailors as they travel on sea. It is a flat type of pizza with toppings of tomatoes, garlic and oregano.



6. Neapolitan

This type of pizza originated from Naples, Italy. And it is believed to be the basis of the preparation of modern-day pizza. History has it that the Neapolitan was transformed when the King asked those preparing it to be at the call of Queen Margherita preparing pizza for her. It is a flat kind of pizza made up of cheese toppings.

type of pizza


7. Calzone

Calzone , which is a world of Italian origin is a semi kind of pizza with the necessary pizza ingredients and toppings on it.



These are just a few of the common type of pizza you will find around, thou some names may vary according to the locality.

Pizza Vancouver

There has always been the notion that eating pizza is not healthy.

Pizza has been classified among other fast foods like hamburger, donuts, hot dog and a host of others. And these foods are seen as unhealthy consumption. It is mostly advice that people should not eat pizza, and if you must do, eat it moderately.

Well, this discussion can be viewed from various points. Of course consuming too much of a particular meal is not healthy, but before we classify any delicacies as unhealthy for consumption, we have to look at what that delicacy is made up of, the food group present in the pizza delicacies and how it affects the chemical balance within the body.

As we all know we have different types of pizza like the pizza Vancouver, which is a very special delicacy. And these different types of pizza are made up of various ingredients from vegetables, olive oil, fish, chicken, beef, tomatoes, cheese,  butter  and so many other stuffs. And all these different stuffs and ingredients gave various benefits to the body.

So we are going to look how pizza is healthy and beneficial to the body.

1. It Is Not Fried

This is one if the advantage and healthy benefit of pizza. It is not fried and contains fewer saturated fats unlike most meals or delicacies you can find in fast food. So you have no risk of consuming too much saturated fat and calories in taking pizza Vancouver.

2. No Preservatives

Pizza Vancouver is made with no preservatives as they are usually prepared locally. Unlike some meals in fast food which are prepared in a factory some places far off, and preservatives are applied to keep the food from spoiling. These preservatives are found to have health implications on consumption. This is one of the advantages of eating pizza.

3. Pizza Contains Body Building Nutrient

Pizzas are prepared with natural organic materials, which contain body building nutrients that are needed by the body. Pizza Vancouver is made up of olive oil, vegetables and cheese. These ingredients contains vitamins’ complex, which helps to build body cells and prevent diseases. Vegetables contain fibre, which is body building materials and help in building blood cells. Olives contain vitamin E and other body building nutrient, which help in preventing inflammation, cell damage and increase cholesterol. Pizza can be recommended for those recovering from illness or that had just undergone surgery, as this will help in building up the cells within the body.

4.  Heart Diseases And Cancer

Studies have shown that the ingredients used in preparing pizza can help the body in resisting heart-related diseases and can help in preventing certain cancers. Tomato which is a major ingredient in preparing pizza is known to contain lycopene. Lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant is helpful in fighting off certain cancer, and it is beneficial as they help in building up the blood vessel, bones and skin.

These ingredients mentioned above are used in preparing Pizza Vancouver, and I hope with highlighting the health benefits if eating pizza from research carried out, I am sure you are now be rest assured of eating and enjoying your pizza.

Pizza Vancouver

In this article of the preparation of pizza Vancouver, I will show you step-by-step guide on all you need to know about pizza and how to prepare a delicious pizza Vancouver from scratch.

I have worked in some restaurants in U.S.A, and I found out that people keep imagining how to make this delicious dish of Italian origin-Pizza. However, I took out time to help some people out their on the needed recipes and steps to follow in order to make a good Vancouver pizza.

I know many of us may have heard about what pizza is, or have eaten it but don’t really know how to prepare it. However, I will start by describing what actually Pizza is.

Pizza is an Italian type of dish, which is , mostly in flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomatoes, spices and cheese, chicken or meat and fish.


Pizza Vancouver consists of the dough, sauce and toppings. The first thing we ill do is to make the dough and allow it to rise for some hours.

Recipes for preparing Pizza Vancouver

  • Flour
  • Warm water
  • Yeast
  • Salt and sugar
  • Extra-virgin olive oil.


  • Add 11/2 cup of water at 74 Fehr. In a bowl.
  • Add 1 sachet of dry of dry yeast and stir it around to get it all well mixed.
  • Leave for 5 minutes, so as to allow the yeast to get creamy.



  • Get a bowl or staining mixture with a dough attachment.
  • Add 31/2 cups of all-purpose flour. (in some cases 4 cups).
  • Add a tablespoon of salt
  • Add teaspoon of sugar.
  • Add 2 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil and mix all.



  • Pour the water which you mixed with yeast into the flour inside the bowl.
  • Mix all in the bowl, stir until everything covers together and form smooth dough.


Once the dough is ready, allow it for for minutes to rise a little bit more.


  • Having mixed all together, take the smooth dough and form into a ball with your two hands.


  • Cover with a nylon silk wrap.


Making of no-cook pizza sauce.


  • Dry rigani and dry beezle, sugar, garlic powder, salt, grounded tomatoes and paper.



  • Add a teaspoon of the recipes, add little sugar and pepper.


  • Get a pizza pill, pour a little flour.
  • Put the dough in your pizza pill, pinch the dough till it turns round and flat.


  • Add your no-cook sauce and little whole milk mozzarella cheese.


  • Add little chicken, and then put in an oven.
  • Take it out after 20 minutes.


We have just done a nice and delicious home made Vancouver pizza. Thanks to my mum who made out time to teach me how to make this Italian dish.

I believe that with this simple step-by-step guide, you can make a nice Vancouver pizza and enjoy with family and friends.

In our next article, I will show you the types of pizza and what pizza does to your health.


Pizza Vancouver
Happy Canada Day!

Pizza Vancouver

Today, let’s celebrate this amazing place we call home. Happy Canada Day from coast to coast to coast!

Happy Canada Day!


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