There are certain advantages the small-scale pizza business has over the big chain pizza distribution company.

In America, less than 30% of the pizza business are owed by individuals, as the rests are group of chain pizza businesses. The pizza business is believed to run up billion of dollars in revenue in America. Thus making it a very lucrative business.There is high demand for pizza as Americans consumes lots of pizza, so the market is a huge one.

The competition is very intense, especially as the small-scale pizza business strives to competite with the much bigger pizza businesses.You will see various antics and marketing strategy used by pizza businesses to outsmart one another to attract customers.

In this article, we will be looking at advantages small scale pizza business has over the big pizza businesses.

1. Direct Contact With The Customers

The small-scale pizza business which is usually owed by one man, has direct contact with the customers. That is the owners can relate on one on one basis with his customers, understand their needs and easily fashion his business to meet those needs. The big chain pizza businesses are run by shareholders who have no direct link with the customers and may not fully understand their needs. This makes making fast changing decision difficult as you have to get all shareholders to agree.

2. There is Cultural Understanding.

Small-scale pizza businesses unlike the large-scale pizza business are located in a small locality and thus can fashion their business to meet the cultural needs of the people. This can be difficult for the large-scale business to do as they have a standard brand across all their locations to keep up to. For example, if you open a pizza business in an Italian dominated community, you have to make pizza to suit the Italians.

3. They are Popular Among Local.

The small-scale pizza businesses are very popular among locals. One of the reasons might be because they are usually owned by someone in the community. Therefore, there is a familiarity between the owner and the locals which might lead to more patronage.

4. Generation Link

This is related to old small-scale pizza business that has been in the locality for years. Most of the present generation probably visited and eat pizza there when they were young. This pleasant memory and the hunger for a familiar recipe will keep locals coming back to get pizza. There are some local restaurants that have moved and run from one generation to the other offering the community much needed services.

5. Icon in The Community

There are some iconic places that will remain evergreen in the eyes of the locals. And this relates to that old small-scale pizza business passed on from one generation to the other. There is no way a new big chain business will replace that iconic place. The place tells the story of the community, and it is patronized for its iconic status.

There are localized small-scale pizza business such as this all over America, such as pizza Vancouver and so on. They share stories of a community culture and history.

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